Utility Operations Management and Financial Sustainability

Our key staff in Electrical engineering have decades of experience in the Utility operations management environment. We employ energy professionals who have worked with both private and public sector energy companies and utilities. We understand the technical and commercial demands facing the global energy market - increasing regulatory scrutiny, volatility in price and demand, and a growing demand for alternative energy sources.

We offer solutions at own cost to turn around the failing municipalities into financially viable entities. There is no challenge bigger than us ; we understand the challenges on the ground and therefore offer a holistic approach across the wires and retail value chains. Together with our strategic partners; we have a sterling track record in implementing Utility turn around strategies.

  • Customer services
  • Metering
  • Billing
  • Revenue collections and audits
  • Revenue enhancement initiatives
  • Reliability and quality of supply initiatives and
  • Management consulting
  • Utility benchmarking
  • Facilitation of implementation of best practices to improve utility performance
  • Providing project implementation support to contractors